Why are Americans so fatalistically melodramatic and uptight about American society and culture?

I’m sorry, but whenever a foreigner comes on here asking about norms in the US, or what they should expect when coming/living here, you prudish liberal nerds insist that some ultra conservative outlier county is the best representation of the entire country and leave a laundry list of rules and regulations to regard lest you be ostracized and/or thrown in jail.

I’ve posted about this before, but Americans are boisterous people, and our culture emphasizes extroversion and individualism to quite an extent, and yet Americans on this forum will leave you laundry lists of BS about “you’ll be deported if you drink underage”, as if American teens don’t drink, “American kids don’t have sex or know what sex is”, “no one drinks here”, “suburbs are lifeless”, “America is a kid-friendly society”, “America is full of cookie-cutter buildings”, “Americans are shocked at sex”, “America is very censored”, “this is very offensive here/that is very offensive here”, “never say this”, “don’t do that”, “you’ll be executed by the state if you do this”...

What is this bullshit? No. None of these are at all accurate representations of America, and no societal norm deserves to be posed in such a fatalistic and melodramatic manner. What is this forum’s obsession with representing America as some sleepy, uptight caliphate? Especially with the liberated, raucous, individualistic image it also claims to want to hold? Stop with the melodrama, stop with the lies, and stop cherry picking outliers as representative of American society. If I was a foreigner viewing these questions, I would develop the most warped view of America, and I would never want to come here. You guys make it sound depressed, lame, and dictatorial. We are not a nation of curtsies and decorum. Stop acting like we are.

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