Why are 'blue collar' and 'redneck' considered to be unacceptable in SRS?

i'm always torn between being a defender of the working class - and being at odds with a lot of the toxic culture that is in part - a result of the pitfalls of poverty and working class conditions. The..machismo, misogyny, homophobia, racism, religious zealotry,or even the judgmental attitudes to people who eat ethnic foods, listen to "weird music" or whatever, it's just all so tired. And it's not just the ignorance but the willful ignorance, the prideful anti-intellectualism, the anti-science attitude, the attitude that flicks a cigarette butt on the ground and screams "fuck the earth". This self-degrading desire and rebellious contrary attitude to not want to be a better person, or for self improvement in anyway that doesn't directly put a few money 1 dollar bills in your hand, or for things to be better for anyone else.

i grew up a victim of that culture in more ways than i care to describe. My resentment to it is ..personal.

I don't think, though, that the cultural problems found heavily within that class are ALL purely class based. Being poor might explain access to education and opportunities that could create a certain ignorance. But it doesn't necessarily entail that you're a mean spirited asshole. Class is only a part of it. Not all. A lot of the nastiness i see among poor working class whites, you see whispered in privileged circles too. So money and education and class isn't everything.

I can honestly say, with some justice, i've worked my way up far beyond where i started. I will not take the credit all for myself. There was luck, help from dedicated sacrificing boomer parents, help from 'the system' so to speak. So don't mistake me here - i'm not getting all bootstrappy. But at every level up i've made - i've never escaped the type of..willful ignorance, the macho chest beating, the racial and orientation bigotry, and so forth. It just becomes more hushed and whispered. If you make it known how you feel about it - if you can take that social cost - you can at least go throw a day without people being so overtly in your face about it all at least.

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