Are the Classic guy turning on more mining power?

It would be nice if these animosities were ended and that depends fully on segwit. Currently, from my understanding, only three developers or so are working on segwit, with most of the work done by the very excellent Sipa who just gets on with things. I would think more developers would assist and bring segwit about more quickly. That should go a long way towards re-uniting the bitcoin community.

Segwit offers almost 2MB, which is no different than Classic, but does so in a somewhat safer way because old nodes do not have to go non-operational. The problem is timing. If we can get some heroic effort and get segwit activated before July that should greatly assist towards closing the year long debate and in the process calm down the rhetoric considerably.

It is not clear at this point whether that can be achieved, which opens space for uncertainty and for some minority a space for a confrontational attitude.

There may currently be a ceiling while we do not yet have alternatives and that is, in my opinion, a valid point. At this stage, however, classic wouldn't offer much, the time lines are somewhat similiar. Problem is, miners would really like more space before the halving, not least because that would re-instate confidence and get rid of uncertainty.

So, if I had a say, I'd move the debate from choose between segwit or classic, to, get more developers working on segwit and get this thing out there as soon as, and as safely as, possible. That is, I'd move the debate from criticism, to support and encouragement.

I hope they deliver. A year is plenty for all of this debate. What had to be said was said. We should get back together, but that does not mean bend backwards or give a blank check. Valid criticism should be recognised and not taken personally, constructive criticism should be acknowledged, confrontational us and them should be shunned.

We're all one and in my view there may have been some misunderstanding or lack of communication in the last year, but, I think all or at least most participants acted in the best interest of bitcoin.

We have an opportunity to re-unite the community here, for together we are stronger, and learn the lessons of the last year, and move forward as one.

No pressure on the developers, who at this point should have our full support, but, all depends on segwit and I'd encourage them to assist, aid, and get it out there as soon, and in the safest way, possible, so that this chapter can be closed.

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