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I remember when me and my old best friend after years and years of pent up coyness/frustration/eagerness FINALLY decided to help each other out. After this initial time, it was like the floodgates opened and we got completely crazy with each other...but the first time...growing up we use to watch porn and check out mags and then go blow a load in the bathroom. I had gotten really really fucked up on drugs one nite and propositioned him to "swallow his balls" I believe. He was taken aback and refused and I said let's watch some porn...if we're in the mood we're in the mood. Nothing happened that time...but that pretty much let us both know that we've each been kind've thinking the same stuff when it came to each other. Cut to a few years down the road we're bar bro's...constantly getting plastered then heading home and sleeping it off. One particular nite we're watching some porn and I pull out my cock and say fuck it man...I'm beating with you here...he said yeah fuck it and commences with himself...10 minutes in he says we should stroke each other...honestly I was suprised but was 100% about it. After about 10 minutes of haphazard, awkward pulling(don't suggest sitting parallel on a bed to do a coop tuggy) and said "fuck this" and leaned over and swallowed up his whole cock. The gasp he let out made my cock absolutely bulge. Its what we both suck some I said let's not beat around the bush. After a few minutes of tongue bathing/flicking ball sucking he told me to wait and completely pulled off his pants and pulled off my pants and got on his knees and licked up my undershaft and took my head in his mouth. Sometimes when I wanna nut quickly there are a few things I can think of that can get the job best friend looking up into my eyes with the head of my cock in his mouth is in that category. After a few minutes of that I said let's 69 with you on top...I wanna take your dick down my throat and feel your balls on my face.(I found out at a very young age that I'm a pretty big slut BTW.) I tried to finger his ass while sucking(again, greedy slut here) and he pulled up...little too much from we finished by just jerking off and going out to smoke but, as I said earlier, that opened everything up. I've got lots of tales with me and when we went to his work after hours and I stole a Santa hat and some Burt's bee's lip gloss and blew him in the office...or when I finally convinced him to do buttstuff and, with my hole coated in Vaseline, went facedown ass-up on my bedroom floor and jerked off while he pumped me from behind asking me "does it feel good??" Over and over again...but those should be fully distributed later. Anyone interested in a continuation feel free to message or comment. This stuff is great to talk about. Helps us relive it almost. And thanks OP for this post...this was really cathartic.

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