You are Death. On the last day of the Universe, all the lights are gone, and you have one more soul to usher into your realm, before the doors close forever... It's none other than your oldest opponent, "Life". [WP]

"Hello Darkness, my old friend..."

"Vita, chipper even now."

"And why shouldn't I be? Being alive is pretty fantastic."

"If you say so. Ready?"

"Why the rush, Morty? We've been doing this dance a while, and you've never been in a hurry before! Why not take a moment and appreciate everything around you?!"

"And what is that, exactly, hmm? What is left of your creation? What spark yet escapes me? What thing have I yet to caress? What more must I do before..."

"You really don't get it, do you? You've read the book and missed the plot."

"Enlighten me, but do it quickly. Your end approaches presently."

"You, Morty, you. Just look at all you've done! All the good you've done!"

"Good? GOOD! Ha! I have stripped existence of every last iota of your creation, your children, your legacy. Not one life has ever escaped me, and now that I have purged this place of your...infestation, you speak of my good works? Tempus truly has held your hand too long. She's robbed you of your senses."

"Yes, good, you sod! You were here long before I, before any of us, maybe so long that you don't remember why we all agreed to this in the first place. Why you agreed to do what was necessary - what none of us could - why you agreed to save us, to carry us into the next world."

"Save you? There is no absolution in my embrace. No paradise beyond my touch. I am the end. You know this..."

"You are our guide to our final rest! The end of our time in this place! Without Death, what meaning does Life carry? To which hour does Time count? Without keeping the secret of what lies beyond your touch, a place only you have ever been, without that uncertainty, what is there to inspire Life to its full potential? Everything I have ever breathed the spark into, you have given motivation to. Everything I have done, everything we have all endured, means nothing without the end you provide."

"All done? Let's go."

"Wait, after all that, nothing? No 'I guess I have been an important part of all of this'? No retrospection at all? Really?!"

"How did you expect this to end?"

"Well, not with a bang, certainly, but to be perfectly honest, this is pretty disappointing, even for a whimper. I thought you might get just the least bit nostalgic."


"Wow, well, I uh...I mean, jeez. We've worked together so long. And closely! And that's it?"


"So all that 'You saved us' stuff, that, uh, that doesn't stir that old black heart of yours even just a little?"


"Mind if I ask why?"

"Only something as arrogant and fleeting as Life would assume that it was important. You and your kind were inconsequential, and your passing will be unnoticed."

"That's pretty depressing..."

"It won't be in a moment. Now, don't flinch."



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