Are the devs paying attention to this subreddit at all?


A lot of devs browse this subreddit daily, but there are certain subjects we simply can't talk about for several reasons. We really want to clarify a lot of concerns the fans are expressing, and I can assure you that we are ALL aware about what the old school R6 fans want, because a lot of us are.

Why should you buy the game?

That's ultimately a question you will have to answer for yourself :). We will release more and more infos about the game in the upcoming months. If you're interested enough, you could also participate in our closed alpha's and beta's event, and formulate your toughts about our PVP mode. Even if Siege, through veterans eyes, seems like a departure from the series, I can tell you that the essence of the original games still plays an integral part when developing all the game's features.

  • Careful planning is still greatly rewarded, and will give you an obvious tactical edge

  • Teamwork is more than simply optional, like in the older titles you will need more than one man to accomplish your goals. Our differents OP's (Opperators) are designed with synergy in mind, so you will want to use everyone's strenght equally like any real tactical squad would operate.

  • Battlefield is a fantastic game, but the destruction system in R6 Siege is ALL procedurally generated, and can be used in more various and impactful ways. Teamwork + smart use of a destructable environment is something truly unique of our game. I don't want to spoil the fun, but we worked really hard on the destruction, and I cant wait to see how the players will find original ways to make use of it.

There are even more features that ties in with the spirit of R6, but thats all I can say for now :p

See you around!

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