Why are you disappointed with Oli?

Source: countries that are in risk of debt trap


Handling the corona pandemic: New labs https://english.khabarhub.com/2020/26/107556/

For better understanding of the virus strain in Nepal research being done https://kathmandupost.com/health/2020/06/29/nepal-health-research-council-to-perform-whole-genome-sequencing-of-coronavirus

Even if it is fake nationalism this is the most any prime minister of government in Nepal has done to stand up to Indian encroachment. I don't care if it is to save a seat. If it can make India think about talks at the least and increase border security in Nepal


He did say stupid shit like using besar and tatopani and we should criticise him for the stupid shit he said but saying he has done nothing and allowed people to die isn't accurate. We should criticise him for the corruption but he has done some good.

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