Are you doing anything to future proof your role from AI?

>financial modelling and number crunching aspect

great, so you still have leadership, sales & communications to capitalize on. wtf are you so worried for lmao.

idk what you're asking. of course there will be AI operators & monitors. These guys however will be trained in programming and big data. It won't be the communications/sales guy who holds that position.

I'm 21 and work in software sales. I don't think an AI will ever be able to do my job.

I think the most important thing is to become very good at few things. You talk about being a middle-man, having to do team leadership, client facing, sales, accounting and modelling.

ok, that's either a testament to how good you are at those things, or more likely than not, how thin you've spread yourself.

I'm focusing on sales and sales only. Of course, I learn my product, and understand the business involved, but those are just semantics. Tell me when an AI can do 30 cold calls a day, or understand a prospects pain points. I'd probably be long dead by then bro.

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