You are eager to have sex with this person but when you walk into their bedroom you see something that completely ruins the mood. What is it?

I've seen a disturbing amount of bedbug spray, lice treatments, strong recent antibiotics, and there's a specific smell all of these places have I can't properly describe. It's like moldy wood, wet dog, pinesol, and stale cigarette smoke even if they don't smoke all mutated into a smellable red flag.

Also for feminine partners if they have a pet named Angel, a tattoo of the word, precious moments angels, wings or halo decor it somehow means Satan lives there expect screaming, violence, slaps, scratches, tiny issues becoming huge drama points, and potential blackmail if you stay too long.

For masculine partners beware batman. It doesn't matter if it's Batman or Joker themed shit every single time it's meant anger issues, edgy in a bad way, broken items, and insane threats. The Batman cult is usually "if X thing happens I'm going postal" while the Joker cult is more "I wonder what would happen if I did X thing and do you think I'd get caught/wanna help me do it"

Both angel and batman people leave me feeling like I'm about to get roped into some shit and potentially end up getting arrested because I was around when they finally lost it.

Honorable mentons include.

Neopagan- 2 were pedos, 4 were in an MLM all were beyond easy to stress

Punisher skull-are they a racist or just edgy? 50/50 shot

Too much anime-either will never have the balls to do something or immediately starts talking about some grand future marriage etc and it needs done immediately.

WWE people-either chill as fuck with a harmless outlet, or loud hyper and violent.

NASCAR - either knows how to have a good party or just got out of jail for a DUI... Usually both.

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