Are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood opening theme songs really forgettable?

Again used by FMAB really highlighted how in touch the animators were to the songs they used. They knew how to sync properly. I actually like them, for me it is more memorable than most anime.

Even though Yui-Again is memorable to my standards. My favorite from FMAB has to be from Nico Touches the Walls - Hologram I have it set as a ringtone still as well as an alarm when I saw how well the animators did for the opening.

For this one, I believe this is the 2nd ending? The animators did a good job in syncing with the tempo of the song and chose to slow down the amount of changing images.

Contrast the 2nd ending to how they did it with Again, you can tell They knew to slow down in the beginning in Again, and then start ramping the changes of the images .

But honestly, the people who animated for the opening and ending credits for FMAB did VERY well.

Tastes do end up changing though. Some would say the FMAB animation looks too old school or something, and I would say it looks perfect for me.

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