"We are fully booked, sir. Please stop throwing leaflets around the lobby."

The guest is one thing but I find that our colleagues sometimes are even more troublesome. I am not a receptionist but in the same FO department, our receptionists are very annoyed that the reservation department keeps open room to reserve online on hotel website & other OTA even though that day had 101% occupancy already. The guest walked to the reception and asked for a room, our receptionist informed hotel was fully booked, the guest sit down and go to hotel website, found out they still could book a room there, processed booking the room, walked back to reception and told us the booking number, receptionist checked, gst had booking, we had to give gst the room and the occupancy increased to 101.1%. That is when the gst is nice and reasonable, some gst just walks back and throw insults to our receptionists.

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