We are getting closer to the end-game (Self-segregation has begun)

Right but that extent is being conflated to the point that entertainment is inseperable from general information and education. Theres no simple general principle that can be applied. Entertainment comes with an inherent disclaimer that its not necessarily meant to be taken seriously. Many things should be consumed with a level of healthy skepticism.

Should a rapper or any other music artist be legally or ethically responsible for every exaggeration they make of another rival? The battle already exists as a formal right of reply or rebuttal anyways.

If Bill Cosby's cases exonerates him, what sort of punishment should be due to comedian Hannibal Burress for opening the public discussion and saying everyone knows that guy's a rapist. Should society strongly police female gossip and chide people for what they cant corroberate? Or as humans are we gonna flap our jaws for intended effect.

Sorry to use such examples but personally I feel the distinction of what entertainment is, depends strongly on our ability to not blur the lines with regards to media. And we first need to analyze why satirists are trusted more so than news in the first place. Why cant the young get their down to earth, impartial, and consistent reportings from the organizations where this is actually in their job description. Comics may point out this absurdity of the lows of punditry and sensational journalism casually, but make no mistake, as a shift in standards, this is a travesty. Different professions, different demands.

It reminds me of an article I read from atheist philosopher Brent Silby who argued it is inherently wrong to teach children to believe in Santa. He said with fiction there is an inherent disclaimer given one is engaging in make believe, that is not given when children are taught about santa or in worse cases other dogmatic falsehoods that warp peoples minds.

The same thing when stand up comics make fun of controversial personalities, the crowd doesnt laugh out of confirmed disavowment of lives and details they dont know, they laugh only out a sense that said joke feels or seems true.

The boundaries need to be observed. In entertainment there is the liberty to draw abstractions, when you are an ACTUAL reporter, thats painting a narrative, massaging data or outright lying. Look at what happened to Brian Williams. The most com7edy central would offer in the same situation is a public apology. Just because our generations gravitate heavily towards entertainment means the same rules of reporting always apply. If Bill Cosby What a person seeks to provide should serve as an inherent disclaimer. Does TDS screw up? Sure. Depending on the size of the error they try do a retraction.

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