We are getting closer to the end-game (Self-segregation has begun)

ok. you're right about social media, but is it any suprise people will gravitate to what they can get quick. Prioritizing convenience over practicality, in accessing information is what enables social media falsehoods. Because research takes work. You should be more concerned with how media is all being consolidated. Because THAT and looking at everyting through political ideology leads to messages getting muddled and not making distinctions where they should.

Just look at how easy it was for Suey Park to jump on the interns tweet of Colbert's joke. Even from first glance, I could tell with how the show was framed that its probably a joke with the shows context missing, rather than presume Stephen Colbert had a genuine 'Jimmy the Greek' moment.

Again. Does an entertainer assume the FULL responsibilities and liabilities of a schoolteacher, or general authority figure simply because of their audience? Or is there a difference between what they are communicating, that people should understand? And should the lines not be blurred?

Scapegoating media messages is an easy way to overlook the immediate real life social contributors to one's actions. Under the same general principle, so we can just overlook the family situation with Anders Brevik as a precursor to his madness. Call of Duty will just take the brunt? Thats ridiculous

If you're not going that far and only talking about a 'little responsibility' thats ok, but to presume this as general principle IMO, is to presume the avg person is too stupid to seperate 'entertainment' from 'reporting'. I would think most people know the difference. But assuming that entertainment causes the same level of harm is also spreading falsehood. and its a horribly lazy approach to general education.

This is why vlogger youtube channel introes and patreon pages have intros as disclaimers for what they do when they have large audiences, because politicization doesn't care what is reporting or entertainment, it only cares what is ammunition for a cause.

THAT confusion is our true enemy. THAT is how armed militamen, terrorists and psychoes, or draconian special interest groups get their fuel.

Artists take liberties because they are 'artists' by virtue of having a large audience, misinterpretation to someone out there is inevitable. But when actual news screws up, it is worse. We expect to hear factual reporting even if there is a political slant.

You can blame TV punditry for stroking ideologies instead of trying to display impartiality so people can form their own conclusions.

It is their primary burden to uphold. There are limits to what you can ask of entertainers to minimize harm.

The less people can understand the difference, the more it will contribute to a society that will jump at their own shadows or take anything literally as doctrine. Much like the era of medieval or puritan Christianity. Where society could be primed to turn against each other and purge their very own, over nonsense.

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