Are ghosts real? I’ve recently doubted the existence of God which definitely rules out the existence of the afterlife and the soul. So I’ve been wondering what the anomalies are or if they are real at all.

I find it ridiculous that so many people are so anti Christian on here, yet defending and pushing people into different beliefs. When has our western society strayed so far ? This is why our society is falling apart because people protect non western cultures, people and beliefs and crap on their own culture and heritage. And YES, if you're western, white, black and sometimes latin American, then Christianity IS your old time religion, especially European Christians that span back thousand plus years.

You cannot have a spiritual realm without an all powerful creator. How within the realm of only evolution can a spirit and spiritual realm naturally evolve and occur ? The answers on here detest the very thought of God. If God is a supposed supernatural entity and spirits are of a supernatural entity, then ?

Preserve and protect western civilization, don't forget your old time religion and how it formed western societies to this day ( holy roman empire and the education system)

And I'm not saying im perfect, cause im not, nor am I saying other cultures, peoples and their belifes arent valid either. Because truths can be found everywhere. But don't crap on your heritage.

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