You are given 10 billion dollars to create a game show. It can involve anything including illegal things and death if you so desire. What is your game show?

I would create gameshow called Democracy.

I would start by buying a 3 hour prime-time slot at 7pm on the last Saturday of each month with all the major TV networks upfront for about a year (with a subsequent renew option). I would also hire a TV studio with live broadcasting services to air the gameshow.

I would then buy a daily 2 page spread in all the major national newspapers.

I would then hire a mass marketing communication service. This will include the SMS and email voting systems in place for reality shows like Pop Idol etc. It will also include postal mail delivery service similar to the postal voting system. It would also include a secure website similar to the online banking systems and of course the usual social media and networking channels.

I would then hire the relevant government and private contractors to take all of these services and create a secure voting system for all citizens, probably tied to peoples electoral number or social security number. This would allow any citizen to use mail, email, SMS text or secure online website to submit a vote.

The next step is to lobby and buy some political capital to participate in the gameshow.

Finally, once all the infrastructure is in place I would hire a number of marketing companies to advertise the gameshow Democracy and it's concept:

Every month the government will have the opportunity to propose the subject that it would like to be the theme for that month. For example immigration, drug policy, should we impose sanctions on Russia, should deploy troops in Iraq etc.

The media channels that I have bought (and others that will inevitably join the bandwagon) will then have 1 month to present all the differing views to the public.

At the end of the month on the Saturday there would be live broadcast of the summary of what discussions have gone on and voting will be open to the citizens, who all have an automatic login through any of the communication channels mentioned before, to vote what they would like. One person, one vote (usual voting age restrictions apply).

The government will then have 1 month to figure out how to implement whatever way the vote went on the previous agenda item, meanwhile having tabled the agenda item for the next month the public will be getting the informed and uninformed opinions of stakeholders and other people in preparation next months vote.

The actual gameshow format would be the first hour and a half would be to present the views of the current agenda item and begin the voting process. The second hour and a half would be a report on how the government will be implementing the previous months voted decision.

I don't know if this comes in under the budget on 10 billion dollars or not. Also, there are also other rules such as no agenda item can be voted on if it's been voted on in the previous 24 months (time frame is approximate and can be adjusted based on real world logistics). This gives each voted agenda item time to be implemented and the impact of it to be assessed for the better or worse. This also provides a mechanism for the public to change their mind if and when they get something wrong.

Hopefully this will empower individuals by delivering democracy directly to the voters and gradually, as people take responsibility for their decisions, they will make better decisions and get a better country through slow but meaningful iterations that can evolve with the times we live in.

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