Are you going to confess to your crush?

No, he probably has forgotten about my existence considering we haven't seen each other since 6th grade. (10 years ago) Even then I barely knew him, we were a part of the same grade, and we went to the same school, but I only remember seeing him a few times. We were never friends or anything and only remember speaking to him once or twice, we didn't stand out to each other. I got a crush on him only because I found him on FB recently, I searched his name because I was searching up old classmates in general since I found names of old classmates in with old photo albums I was looking through. I was curious to see where they all are today and eventually when I came across his name, I looked him up on FB and his Tik Toks + pictures were on the front of his FB page. I was immediately attracted to him and felt a sense of safety right away, I friend requested him about a week ago, but he hasn't returned the request. He probably doesn't even recognize me, plus I found out from his social media that he recently moved to Florida in June while I'm still in PA, so that's a long distance. It's highly unlikely to go anywhere.

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