You are handing over your body to a new owner. What do you point out?

Creaky left knee and slightly tight right shoulder (only when lifting things overhead), but can carry out novice level lifts in all of the major compounds. Cardio capacity is at about 8.5-9min/mile for 5k. Legs can bend around almost backwards (rotated at the hip). Responds well to exercise, strongly regulates appetite to healthy food, better sleep cycle, and even higher sex drive. Hairy but blonde. Do not feed lactose, not painful but very gassy. Speaking of gas if you want to go on a date avoid cabbage, mushrooms, and beans. Sex drive is pretty high needs at least two wanks/sexytimes a day minimum, some days eight won't feel enough to stop the horniness but you don't want to keep rubbing past eight in a day without good lube. Also foreskin left intact, remember to clean properly. Average penis but good mobile hips and a flexible tongue make up for it. Good spiciness tolerance and loves fucking chocolate of all kinds and cannot be in the presence without devouring all of it. No know allergies and a good immune system. The docs tell me I have pretty good pain tolerance. Liver function is great, hangovers are mostly just light queeziness the next day but otherwise no adverse reactions. DOES NOT respond to hallucinogens, you can take as much as you want all it will feel like is getting mildly stoned on weed. RESISTANT to opiates, need more to get the same effect. RESPONSIVE to stimulants, caffeine past 1pm will not let you sleep. Leave at least 30min-1hr to fall asleep during normal times though it can take much more, all alarms will wake you. Likes to be kept cool, ideal room temp is 72 deg F when resting, lower when standing and scale lower with increasing exertion or deep couches/clothing. Nose gets stuffy frequently, you are not sick this is normal. Eyesight is good, just below 20/20 (does not require glasses), but the right eye (dominant) has slightly worse vision than the left. Body is right hand and foot dominant with some ambidextrous capacity (brushing, throwing frisbees, and wanking left is about on par with the right others various capacities test yourself). Wide short feet (hard to find shoes that fit). Upper end of average height, nothing special but taller than most. Strong beard growing capacity, needs daily shaving if clean cut is a must. Strong teeth, floss frequently.

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