Are you happy with your school system?

I’ve grown up in both the Canadian and American education system.

The structure of how it goes? Yes, I’m fine with it. We produce some of the best lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc. with this structure. I think we get more years of rigorous education for those professions than most other countries do.

I’m biased, but from what I know American schooling isn’t rigorous enough at the baseline. Canadian high schoolers generally know much more than American high schoolers do unless they’re IB students. The culture towards education is different among students as well, and I don’t think many American students take it as seriously as they should be. (For reference, I went halfway through an upper middle class American high school and a just middle class Canadian school to compare) We can do better than we are now for sure.

In my opinion, what needs to be improved is standardization of curriculum, improved quality of said education and materials, better teaching hours, and more teachers for our primary system. Science, math, and English proficiency focus/quality is lacking in many parts of the country.

Universities and colleges are top notch. Our state ones are pretty up there too. You don’t really choose a job as much as you choose a field though, and it varies a lot for which type of field you’re going for. It’s way less restrictive than Canada’s system is, and from what I’ve heard WAY less restrictive than western and central Europe’s systems

From what I read Germany’s seems like a nightmare to me if we implemented it here. You choose your pipeline on what you want to do when you’re a kid and can’t possibly be decided on what you want to do, and it’s hard to change from that. Once you mess up it’s over and you can’t keep trying again. The plus side is that if you’re good enough to make it to a university all of its paid, which is the trade off.

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