Why Are We Having So Much Trouble Attracting Players

Sure, but every player is pursuing their own individual career/life, and "Arsenal FC" isn't necessarily on every player's wish list. Some want to stay in their own country, or live somewhere nice, or be close to their family, or be somewhere that speaks the same language, or get the most money, or get the most trophies, or play with certain teammates, or for certain managers, or have a particular role in a squad, or a certain amount of playing time... it goes on and on. And beyond that, clubs can block moves to certain clubs if they want, e.g. for competitive reason. So for any given offer, it's always far more likely that it will be rejected than accepted.

But if you're looking for wild guesses as to what's unattractive about AFC in particular, maybe players are turned off by (a) a perceived lack of ambition, (b) uncertainty over the manager in future (nobody would want to be join a Fergie situation knowing it could turn into Moyes), (c) Brexit and related economic and social uncertainty. Maybe other things.

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