Why are we keeping non essential factories and warehouses open?

Thank God, I was just thinking about how much painting i need to get done during a pandemic.. /s

I work in the automotive parts industry, it's a very busy store where a large chunk of our customers are the type who wouldn't even care if they tested positive for covid-19 if their shitty old truck needed an oil pressure sensor.. It's insane to me that non essential retail (paint, auto parts, etc) haven't closed during a pandemic.

Rest assured, I'm taking some time off. Even though i sell n95 masks, purell, and nitrile gloves, it's still impossible to protect myself enough from a highly infectious disease, given that retail often is close contact. On a normal day, I would be within 2 feet of 80-100 customers.

Some of the other auto parts places have implemented restrictions, or closed altogether... Mine? Normal. They suggest wiping down the counters a couple times a day.

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