Are you a loner and why? Do you like it?

Yes and no.

In High School I had quite a large group of friends but when college began I have just been unable to really find any lasting friends. Many of my friends moved away to other schools and didn't know too many people at the college I'm going too. I've made friends with classmates but none that I end up hanging out with on a regular basis. Now I find that I only hang out with a select few people that I've really kept in touch with from High School, but I hang out with them seldomly because they live quite far now.

At first, being alone was incredibly nerve-wracking. I could barely function, and at school, I was always afraid of looking like a loner. Lately, the past couple of years has shown me how much I relied on people, not necessarily because I enjoyed being around them, but because I was afraid of being alone. So now I've sort of made a commitment of not pursuing any relationships. I've had relationships develop completely organically, but never am I going to try to force friendships or hangouts.

Because of that, I find that I am alone most days, but it's actually quite nice. Now that I've learned to be alone without being so insecure, I noticed that I don't really like socializing all that much. It's made me much more relaxed because I no longer feel too much pressure to try to make anyone like me. It was almost like a weight lifted off my shoulder because I no longer had to stress about social interactions. I love spending alone time and I wish it wasn't so looked down upon. I really do think that some of life's greatest moments happen when one is completely alone.

However, there are times when I do feel lonely, and I think after having spent this much time alone, I've gotten over the attachment/insecurity to people and am ready to start socializing again. So far, I'm really enjoying just spending more time with family and really close friends again.

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