Are macros cheating? One r/EscapeFromTarkov user doesn't think so and gets tilted when others disagree

Okay, you asked for more, here's more...

If I regret anything, it's becoming involved at all. I should have just shrugged and logged off rather than do what I did.

The person I gave the poisoned macro to was a woman. She had been exploiting the fact that Minecraft is mostly played by lonely teenage boys and she was an adult woman to build an army of dozens of loyal fighters, and using this army to burn down the server and capture the souls of those she killed for storage and enslavement in a magical prison. It would turn into a game of thrones novel if I tried to explain more clearly. Calling her a pedo might be a stretch, although she had met at least one underage boy in person.

I couldn't prove anything and it was impossible to get banned on this shitty server for more than a few weeks even if you doxxed or sexually harassed children.

Instead of logging off like maybe I should have, I romanced the evil witch queen to escape her slave pit, became something like her court wizard by presenting useful macros to the queen, and then hexed her Minecraft town out from under her. Sometimes it feels good to be evil.

That was my crowning moment of absolute evil. I'd done other evil things that were also technically good before, but I'd never be able to top that. When the war ended I chose to mostly stay dead and stopped playing Minecraft.

The moral of the story is don't get emotionally invested in videogames, and don't let your kids play unsupervised because they might be recruited by a manipulative pedophile witch-queen.

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