Are you nervous to see me on your flight?

You've made a very naive assumption that the architecture isn't subject to the same stringent verification as the code.

I would be shocked if anything you’ve ever worked on would survive an architectural review by me.

I would be shocked if anything you've ever worked on would survive a safety critical architecture review, I'd also be shocked if your review is anywhere close to the level of scrutiny some of my past work has been through.

But the fact that you think this means that it is okay to call the code bug free is highly disturbing. It’s a statement of delusion.

The fact you think it's okay to lecture on the practices of an industry you have no relevant experience in to someone who does is highly disturbing. It's a true statement of delusion, and yet here we are.

Oh and you've also managed to miss the point. It's not that the statement the software is bug free isn't hyperbole, it's simply that it's less "delusional" than you're making it out to be. And as I've already pointed out it's hyperbole to make a political statement and you're being ridiculous for taking it seriously. But as you've proven you're a rather ridiculous person.

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