You are not entitled to my goddamn body.

Man this hits so hard. I had a lot of anxiety reading this, especially about behavior coming from your own family - my parents both, especially my dad, normalized a lot of sexism and misogyny - behavior from my family similar to what you described in this post has definitely been a problem for me (especially from my dad). Both of my brothers have grown up to have ignorant, problematic views of women and are extremely entitled. I also have struggled all of my life with being accepted and not feeling palatable enough for people (I’m sure many women can relate) and have ignored behavior at times that wasn’t okay with me because I was terrified of standing out in a bad way to people once again. There’s only ever been space to be a woman as defined by the one-dimensional, extremely sexualized and dehumanizing understanding that society/men have of women. A space that also often defines women by their (often stereotyped and perceived to be inferior) differences to the “default” human (men). No space to be seen as a complex, capable human being before anything else, as that is prioritized below my perceived sexual value and instead my actions are defined and filtered through an ignorant and elementary understanding of my gender identity as it compares to a inflated, clouded-by-narcissism understanding of theirs.

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