They are not even pretending anymore: AnCaps acknowledge racism and bigotry.

Instead of merely demanding them allow the federal government to wed gays, you're going to demand them to participate directly in these weddings.

Instead of merely demanding them allow the federal government to wed interracial couples, I'm also going to demand that any of them who run a public business which provides some kind of wedding services not be allowed to discriminate against customers on the basis of what kind of marriage they're having.

The more Americans find out about such actions, the more backlash there's going to be against the Left for quite literally taking away freedoms.

Every step of the civil rights movement has provoked backlash from bigots, and probably more often than not, they've used religion to justify their bigotry. Excuse me if I care less about their delicate sensibilities than I do about the abilities of gay people to live life without suffering from discrimination.

There is an optimal solution where gays can have their marriage and fundies can be allowed a religious exemption for the sole component of providing services for gay marriages

I don't consider the solution where gay people are unable to obtain services for their weddings because they live in an area where businesses which provide wedding-related services are all run by bigots to be "optimal". At all.

And I'm pretty sure the Bible is silent on the topic of providing services to weddings in traditions other than those of the Christian who might be providing such services.

Well don't be surprised when states decide to move forward with more bullshit "Religious Freedom" bills

I wasn't surprised by this one. Why would I be surprised by others? Bigots gonna bigot.

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