Why are you so obsessed with white women?

Mmm I disagree that it was irrelevant though, it was on topic and I was essentially offering a viewpoint that challenges what OP said. I am hapa, yet I don't put white women on a pedestal. I get the sense that OP feels the majority of hapa guys on here do and I wanted to let them know that that may not be the case.

It feels wrong because it inaccurately perpetuates (albeit indirectly) the idea that the hapas in this sub have the same issues with WMAF that AM do. The idea of a hapa child being burdered by their parents racism/insecurity from birth, and being the perpetual foreigner both in asia and in the west is trivialised by outsiders calling us spurned and bitter AM. It's doubly annoying because I've had the opposite experience with AW.

Though, how can you be sure that all Asian women who are attracted to you are so because of your white half?

I can't be sure, but before I ever found hapas I slowly began to suspect. Ending or rejecting advances from some AW has been incredibly difficult because they are great. It's still something which troubles me.

I've been with Asian women who don't date/aren't into white guys at all and therefore i've not had to worry about being white worshipped with them.

Many AW, especially fobs, see HM as a perfect compromise. I've seen this behaviour in AM wrt Hf also. Still "cheating" in my book.

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