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ISIS, the Illuminati and Malaysia Airlines are going to team up to do something big on May 1, 2015.

ISIS looks a bit like 1515 (1/5/15)

the Illuminati was founded exactly 239 years before that on May 1, 1776

there were 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

239 years and 239 days after the foundation of the Illuminati is Boxing Day next year & one year from tomorrow

edit some 30 hours later (9:48pm GMT Friday 26th of December 2014)

239 years and 239 days after the foundation of the Illuminati is Boxing Day next year & one year from today

and it started to snow here for the first time since 30th(?) January 2014 & the first proper snowfall since March 22nd or so of 2013 - notice 322 skull and bones

Also, 239×3=717 and 717 days before May 4th 2015 (full moon, May the 4th be with you, the day before Cinco de Mayo and hence "Cinco de Cuatro") is the 17th of May 2013, which is Buddha's birthday, the weekend of Eurovision, the weekend of Pentecost, the weekend of 5/19/13 expect us, the weekend of Ronald Weinland predicting the apocalypse and the day I turned six thousand days old

239 days after 17/5/13 is January 11, 2014, the day Ariel Sharon died

239 days after September 11th 2014 is May 8th 2015 - VE day; 239 days after September 10th is May 7th, the day the general election would have been held, the day 100 years after the sinking of the Lusitania and the day 70 years after Germany's surrender and the day whatever is going to happen happened about a week ago

239×4=956 and 956 days before May 1st 2015 is September 17th 2012, the day of the blackout in "Revolution" and Jewish New Year

239 weeks before 1st May 2015 (Friday) is 1st October 2010 (Friday) so we have Friday 1st May/October, Saturday 2nd May/October, Thursday 30th April/September & in fact it all matches up from Sunday 1 March 2015 / August 2010 through Tuesday 28 September 2015 / February 2011 - all of these days are exactly 239 weeks apart

and 239×3 = 717 = 7/17 = the day MH17 was shot down! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

/u/20141220 1996-2015

edit 9.24pm 28-12-2014: that plane that crashed today had 162 people on it. What do you get if you add 162 to the 77 days of PronunciationBook (9-24-13)? That's right, TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE!

finally (for now) 10:15pm on 28-12-2014 : you know that plane that crashed today ? that came exactly (if you use their local time) 4,856 days after 9/11. What do you get if you subtract 4,856 days from 9/11? Your mum Thursday May 26th 1988, the day of the Russian nuclear attack in the 1984 film "Threads" !

(10:27pm 28-12-2014) ah, but even that's not all:

take the 4856 above

add 239 to get 5095

now 5000 days after 9/11 is the 21st of May 2015 - Harold Camping & 20 days after the real doomsday

5095+20 = 5115



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