Why are you on Reddit now instead of celebrating?

My cat is sick, sneezing, having trouble breathing, is weak and not doing well. It started yesterday. I am scared shitless because I have zero money and just had to move back to my parents place a few weeks ago because I have no more money and I can't afford to bring her to the vet. My parents are just as bad and are actually in overdraft protection and can't help me either. Tomorrow morning the only gifts under the tree are for my sisters daughter (my niece), who is 4 and they are all from the dollar store and/or really cheap, Just to make sure she has gifts and experiences Christmas. So that's why I'm up at 2am EST and not celebrating Christmas. I'm stressed, scared, worried and afraid to lose my 2 year old cat Qwerty who at this point is the only good thing I have to my name and I bought because of my depression and anxiety at my doctors recommendation, so she has been my rock. Fuck, now I'm crying and want to hit delete but whatever, I saw this post and wanted to respond.

My Christmas gift to you all: Don't take anything for granted and cherish every moment! I had a great job, friends, GF, great life etc. and one day was randomly mugged/attacked in the streets, had multiple surgeries with plates put in my face, spiraled out of control because of depression, anxiety and 24/7 nerve pain, and now I'm 32 and living back with my parents with nothing to my name (actually less because of debt now) and if lose Qwerty it will be even worse. So as you can see in that LONG story shortened with all the details removed, that things can come crashing down quick. So tell your loved ones you love them, don't be cocky and arrogant if you are doing well in life, pay it forward instead, don't have any regrets and make sure if something bad ever does happen, that you stay positive. If anyone ever wants to talk because things are rough, message me and I'll be there for you. I didn't have anyone and my biggest mistake was trying to deal with depression myself. You need to not be ashamed or embarrassed about it and reach out for help. So as a Christmas gift to you, I'm willing to be that person. Sorry for the tangent, I'm going to go check on my cat Qwerty again because I can hear her heavy breathing. Merry Christmas everyone!! Don't forget to say I love you to your friends and family tomorrow/today/everyday.

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