Why are people acting like social media deleting posts and banning accounts is censoring and an attack on the freedom of speech?

The problem is that we let these companies take way too much power. Let's come back to 2005. You would be banned from forum A ? You'll move to forum B end of the story.

Basically Facebook, twitter and a couple of others are basically playing a significant role in public expression. So the fact that they can ban a premier league politician is really weird. So why is Trump getting banned for lying and calling to Riot when Americans government have been doing it for decades (remember Bush and the Weapon of mass destruction ?, more recently remember the coup against Maduro ? ) Why can Xi Jinping still use social media when there is reason to think he is committing a genocide ? I don't want to defend Trump.

For normal people it's also weird why showing a female nipple get you banned out of facebook, while they let racist speak on the social media. So something perfectly legal you see daily on the TV get you banned while something which is a crime won't get you banned WTF ?

We can only blame ourselves for that mess. We could have forced social network to be interoperable, We could have told them to fuck off and use alternatives solution.

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