Why are people (especially companies) always just saying "these difficult/uncertain/confusing, etc. times" rather than just the Covid-19 Pandemic. Like why can't you just say it?

I write stuff like this in thank-you cards that we put in every order.

I just want my customers focusing on their hobbies and buying more stuff and staying involved. They make music and change the world when they work together and focus on a collective goal. It's beautiful.

It also helps keep them happy. Which does truly mean a good deal to me. Because it means a super lot when they write me stuff months later like "..you changed my life.." and it's like, these people change my life every day when they decide to allow us into their lives.

We only do like 20-50 orders a day but we started writing positive messaging and improvement tips for improved wellbeing. Just general life stuff no quotes or lyrics or poems. I hope it makes a difference.

Idk. I was about ready to kill myself 5 years ago driving through Northwest WA and was pretty much ready to go. Drove by a sign at a gas station "hang in there it's tough for everyone at some point" or whatever. And it just struck me that the business owner there knows what it's like to be human, and that they doubled down on being an awesome human by helping others, and reached out. So now that I'm much better, maybe it's time for me to reach out a little.

I know a lot of my customers have nobody. And that's okay. I just want them to know they matter to someone, somewhere, and all the other workers we have who are fortunate enough to have income. Without them, all of us would have nothing. Its nice to remind them of this time to time. And it feels extra good to say it and mean it.

Short answer? Sometimes it just feels a little good to show people the whole world isn't full of assholes, and "we are in this together".

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