Why are people so fixated on COVID, with seemingly no consideration for other consequences?

I don't think the deaths/cases being in decline can be at all attributed to the measures because most of the measures make no sense. They are simply to pacify the public.

For example, how does it make sense to make it compulsory to wear a mask in a shop (where most people aren't talking or socialising) but you don't wear them in pubs and restaurants where the exact purpose of a visit to those places is to talk and socialise.

How does it make sense for pubs and restaurants to be open when schools and universities cannot reopen? Both are essentially the same thing (a gathering of people indoors). Surely no one would suggest that having a pint is more important than having an education.

There are plenty of countries who have controlled the spread without such barbaric measures and even if cases rise, we now have the capacity to deal with the additional hospitalisations. We built the Nightingale Hospital for that exact purpose did we not.

I'm sure you are a very intelligent person, but assuming that people with a different opinion to yourself must be less intelligent doesn't strike me as the approach of someone who has formed their opinion intelligently by considering all sides.

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