Why are people staying with cheaters?

I stay with my husband who has cheated because I am married and have three young children. I also have no qualifications besides a high school diploma, and ive been a stay at home mom for 10 years. Never even had a single job, per his wish of course. I remember when I wanted to open my own bakery, but he said we didn't need it.

I dont have family, my parents see me as a waste of space trouble child and my husband a Saint for taking me in and taking care of me. Really I've been taking care of his alcoholic and drug addicted ass for over a decade. But he's charismatic, and im antisocial.

I dont have friends, because again, I'm antisocial. I had a few friends back when I was in high school, but I sort of blew them off after I met my husband and after I wasn't forced to go to class with people anymore, I didnt know how to socialize.

All in all, its easier to suffer in silence with him. He provides me a home, we both do what we want, my children have a nice lifestyle. If I tried to leave, I wouldn't be able to provide for them what I believe is the minimum that they deserve. I also don't come on here posting and complaining about my situation (with the exception of right now) though, so I can understand where your frustration comes from.

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