Are PerkTV and Swagbucks worth it anymore?

[–]MsLarvox 1 point 13 minutes ago*  idk about perk but swagbucks Open it first thing in the morning, do the 3 daily's on the left side. Check inbox for any new 2 sb offers they sometimes send Check front page for easy offers that are 15-25 sb then after that I get off, till the code pops up on my add-on than I add the code and that's all I do on SB. That's really all that's worth doing anymore tbh. Every once in a while they will have special offers or things like yesterday I did a 2 minute survey for 100 sb, that was worth. So it just matters what they have on certain days. It's nothing something I would sit on all day though. Sites that are good: here is my routine. I'd also look into mturk, and if you have a smartphone look into app sites and downloading apps from main sites. Also (i think that's the link, might need to google it) you can make 1.25 on each of your phones right now. instagc, I didn't add on that routine guide but sometimes they have decent paying offers, and good click links to save up points. bing is good for passive searching, so bing + qmee is really good (but I hate bing atm) I also have a survey guide (half) that you can download here: to help you with the survey sites I linked in the routine guide. The routine guide also has a referral guide in it also. hmm trying to think what else... oh and jobs for bitcoin that subreddit is decent sometimes if you are into bitcoin (if someone could link the subreddit that would be great) /r/slavelabour sometimes posts easy tasks for decent pay. Stay away from neobox, and clix sites. make sure to check /r/freebies for free stuff. (not really money but yeah.) Oh and here is the guide someone posted on how to make passive android beermoney I think: looks really good to me. anyways hope that helped xD Edit: Oh and I'm trying this site out atm : idk if it's good, but the person posted proof of payment. I like trying new sites, and always looking for new stuff, so yeah. xD will post more info on this one today if it's good or not. permalinksavereportgive goldreply

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Do you know if is available for canadians, obviously with a canadian cell phone and provider (bell)? and thanks for all that, Ill start looking into them right now. About how much do you think you make from swagbucks per month?

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