You are placed in jail for the last offense you committed. What did you do?

I'm gonna tell a story even though its going to be read by like 2 people. I'm also not a very good writer, but here we go.

So about a month ago, I was at a friend's college for the weekend. The two of us are quite ridiculous and more often than not, we end up doing something illegal in lieu of making each night-outing more memorable than the last.

This night we were reasonably drunk and decided to break into the steam tunnels below his school. we stole all kinds of things such as a fire extinguisher, science equipment, and more. We even rushed the football field, spraying the fire extinguisher everywhere like your average drunk morons and had a jolly old time.

Here's where the story takes a turn. Next, drunk me spotted the little shack like thing on the top of the bleachers where ESPN people announce games. I quickly found my way into the little shack through a window and grabbed the most expensive thing I could find--a $1500 computer (as a tech geek, I knew the msrp right away). We quickly began making our way back to the dorm.

This is when I came back to life. I started to realize what I had done and began to say rational things like "oh this is ridiculous, we should bring this back" and "They probably need this to announce the next game". Unfortunately, my pal is a bigger moron than I am and convinced me that it was too late and that we had to steal it. I guess I wasn't fully back yet.

Anyways, here was the plan: Since we're being seen by cameras everywhere, we had our heads down so that our faces wouldn't be recognized. We would go out of view of the cameras, have Kevin hold on to the computer and my jackets, and I would return to my car with a whole new appearance and drive it to his location to pick everything up. This might not sound full-proof, but considering the routes we took, I even find the plan intelligent now. regardless, everything went fine until I drove by the pickup location to see a cop holding the computer; Luckily Kevin was nowhere to be seen.

At this point, I was somewhat happy. I knew that the computer would get returned to where it belonged and that we didn't cause too much trouble that night. I got a call from Kevin a few seconds later and he told me that he just jetted when he saw the cop--no big deal.

Here's the punch. In his pursuit to get away as fast as possible, he obviously left the computer, but more importantly, he also left my jackets. My high-school jacket with my name and school on it.

This night has been a reality check for me. I've been taking everything extremely easy lately and not drinking as much. On the other hand, last week Kevin got his fake id taken away and has to do 48 hours of community service as well as pay a $300 fine. I might need better friends.

TL;DR: It's not that interesting anyways

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