Are The Professor's 2015 EDH Manabase Videos Still Relevant?

yeah... but what reason does Bolton have to lie?

it's not like the abomination of trumps make up and hair peice is in question. It's just insight into the actuality of what it means on the day to day business inside the white house.

Trump is well known to be almost pathologically particular. about his food service, sleep wear, being a germaphobe,

he's rumored to be a casual abuser of adhd medication to keep his mind right. this has been reinforced from contestants on the apprentice, and seems supported by his dry breathing during public speeches.

he's paid off sex workers to fuck him. has a well documented history assoc with a known child sex trafficer. His current wife is essentially a mail order bride russian prostitute.

what you're saying is... the bridge to far is a high ranking gov official saying he has hair/makeup crew that works on his fake ass spray tan, and wonky hair peice?

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