I am a first time secret santa participant, and kind of new to the reddit community as a whole... Honestly, I went into this whole thing really caring more about the idea of giving a gift to a stranger than receiving one. When I saw that the ONLY thing that my match had to say in likes/dislikes was "I like uh-gi-oh," I was pretty bummed out... 1st because I had no idea what that was exactly, but 2nd because I had been so excited to, how do they put it... "non-creepy stalk" my person and find them an awesome gift! I did of course what every good santa should and messaged my match asking them to "please update your likes/dislikes with more information, sincerely Santa". They did give me a bit more info and I spent quite some time researching drumsticks, "quivers?!?!," and uh-gi-oh much to my other half's amusement... did you know how many kinds of bloody drumsticks there are?!?! I have been patiently waiting for my giftee to post their gift... but nothing yet since UPS said they delivered it :(... oh well, maybe they didn't like it... maybe they don't have a camera? or a cellphone? maybe they were kidnapped? I have been living vicariously through my boyfriend's giftee (who I of course helped to pick out the gift for) who has dutifully posted his picture and seems happy with his gift! Both my boyfriend and I are victim to Santa's that did not live up to the reason for the season... and it sucks more so because I know that my santa looked at my info... and did nothing... my boyfriend's declared a shipped gift but nothing has arrived yet (I guess there's still hope there). To be honest with you... I would have been overjoyed with a Christmas card from my santa, I really would have. I'm just dismayed that anyone would sign up for something that is all about giving and then take that away. I'll probably still participate next year though... if they let me... if my giftee ever posts my gift!

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