They are Real. They attach to your Lower Chakras and harvest Loosh Energy from you. They hate humans and see them as cattle to be enslaved, exploited, and disposed.

Yeah I definitely brought them. By coincidence, I have two ex’s that are into messing around with the spiritual realm, if you met them you’d think they had schizophrenia. They really think they are in touch with higher spirits, and they were always weirdly obsessed with me.

I thought they were just crazy until I saw what they sent me. Shaman called it black magic. I was a mess before aya, lots of mental health issues, but after it I feel so clean, so I’m inclined to believe him that it was. My sibling with addiction issues didn’t see nearly as many demons as I did.

Yeah the main shaman had just kicked out another shaman because he was trying to black magic the girls before I came apparently. The shamans also get attacked by other shamans and have to enter the Aya realm and fight them off lol. It’s definitely wild.

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