"We are scared": ER doctor urges Americans to stay home as medical supplies drop

This is pathetic.

They're reduced to begging, the people risking their lives are frigging begging for supplies, for help for every god damn thing. Why? why the fuck is this acceptable? why?

These people are risking their asses for us. They're giving everything for us and what do we do? twiddle our thumbs. We pretend facts are "fake news" because their inconvenient for us. We still spew bullshit. This whole mess the world over is nothing more a monument to human stupidity on a global scale.

Doctors, nurses medical professionals of all kinds I am sorry.

We don't deserve you.

The more I think on this the more I come to one inescapable conclusion that this isn't getting better. It's not going to get better unless you get what you need, unless the full force of the governments and citizenry of the world stands behind you. Until governments the world over bend over backwards to give you your desperately needed tools. This is going to get worse.

Will this happen? no. we pretend everything is fine and the economy is what matters.

Walk away. leave us to the shitstorm we've created for ourselves because we tolerate this bullshit for the sake of a quick buck.

Refuse to work until you get what you need. Refuse to work until you get more than empty promises.

Let the politicians and the businesses they all raced to bail out man the bastions against this disease. Let them be the front line as we don't fucking deserve you.

I'm sorry

Just walk away we're not worth it.

Leave us to the bullshit we've all created.

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