We are Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan from System of a Down. Ask us anything.

Didn't realize this whole AMA was happening until just now. I know there's a shit ton of comments and you might not see this, but I just want you guys to know how much of an impact you've had on my musical, spiritual , and mental development.

"Lost in Hollywood" is the song that got me and my friends into music. We got instruments and set out to cover the entire Mesmerize. We got through Sad Statue, Question , and Lost in Hollywood before deciding we wanted to start doing our own music. My high school career was full of random parties we performed at , and show at a pirate-themed arcade . They were some of the greatest memories from my past, and because of you guys it all was possible.

Spiritually and mentally you all were the ones that made me curious about the fucked up shit that religions and governments have been hiding for centuries . V-Chips, Guantanamo bay, CONTRA, 9-11, all that conspiracy stuff that is actually turning out to be true. At a young age I came to realize that I am being lied to about many things in my life, and that us in the U.S. need to get out of this "America the great" mindset and take a look at what our country has been doing. I actually did a report on the Armenian Genocide in my AP Euro. History class as well when we were talking about WW1. Many people were flabbergastered that there was a genocide occurring before the holocaust, and I also did a followup report for extra credit on the happenings in Darfur for extra-credit. The song "Science" also drove me to look into other religions, and was one of the catalysts that eventually got me out of the LDS religion.

I cannot express with words the joy that I felt when I saw that you guys were touring. You all are incredible artists (John especially , comics are cool.) , and you've been my favorite band since I was eleven. Also the fact that you all are touring to bring awareness to one tragedy in history that (at least in the U.S.) is just shoved under the rug and kept from the public, well it's just fucking awesome.

Thanks again for everything you guys have done for me , and my friends. You taught me to become a sun , and to shine light into men's hearts.

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