Are you shitting me

After that they he inserted his silly stick into his GF's vagooba and make her bounce on it for hours before he eventually unloads the white stuff all over her face (please note that her face is really really cute).

But that is not the end.

Even though her face is already full of 'man milk', she keeps going like nothing has happened, no matter how much he screams and begs for her to stop, until he sprays for about 420 times since she is a gamer girl with knowledge on internet culture, memes and funnies that is just as deep as her ability to, let's just say, "swallow the meat stick". It took all day for them to reach 420 'stuffs'. He had to cancel all his plans for the day, even turned down an offer from his friends to slay some noobz and grief their houses in Minecraft together with literally Barack Obama himself, and also they didn't eat any food... well, except the 'milk' that I mentioned before.

She drinks all of them each time until the very last drop, and when her bf begs her to stop because he needs to eat, she kisses him and 'shares' the milk she has on her mouth with him. Over and over, until they reached the epic weed number.

Eventually, in the middle of the night, at 12 AM, they're done. They have successfully reached the weed number. He's exhausted, he barely have any energy to move himself out of bed, but he's relieved, and he decides that he needs to get a relaxing shower and eat. Either way, he's glad that it's over.

But as crawls his way out of the bedroom..

"Hey babe, before you go..", the GF said

"Ever wonder what comes up if you combine the sex number.. with the weed number?"

He replies, laying powerless on the floor, as he tries to breathe between his words.

"Six.. nine.... *coughs* sixty.. nine.. four... twenty.. *coughs harder*"

"That's right babe, I'm always glad that I have someone who's not completely clueless. Anyway, go have a shower if you want to, I'm gonna clean up and dress as Yennefer, you know, the one who got you to the front page of r/gaming, and after that we're going to smash that number in a game."

"*coughs* What... game?" he says.

"It's gonna be a surprise bb, but all I'm gonna tell you right now is that it's gonna involve me.. umm.. twiddling your joystick ;)"

And from that moment, he knows it's not over.

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