Why are you single right now?

No idea. I was with an amazing woman but she lost interest. Even tho the sex was the best either of have ever had, and she says she loves me more than she’s ever loved anyone. The only way she’ll even talk to me is if I put in all the effort. So I gave up. It’s too hard to try to be close with someone when they don’t care enough about their own life or the world to care about anything, including you. She love bombed me at first, for a couple years, left me a love note every day for years, moved in with me with her kids, then when I said I thought she should buy a house because she wanted one and prices were good and interest rates were low, she got mad and bought a house. I even bought her $5,000 furnace because she needed one. (Her house is already worth 100k more than she payed for it). When I didn’t do everything her way and I had my own opinions (she always thinks she is right about everything and sees things in black and white), it became too much for her. She said she doesn’t have room in her life for a relationship. Yet she’ll take my gifts and have sex with me. But the last time she even said a nice thing to me or showed any kind of fondness or appreciation was over a year ago. So idk. It’s too heart breaking to try to be with someone who clearly is too selfish to care for anyone else. I think she’s really depressed and if she ever feels better she’ll regret pushing me away. She’s probably going to end up fucking her neigbor because he is shoveling her walk for her, and I know him, he’s an old man fuck boy. And she’s beautiful, I know what he’s after. And she’ll end up with him as soon as she gets lonely enough. Or some other person she doesn’t have to feel an emotional connection with, just to have sex. It’s hard to meet people and after this past 4 years with her I honestly don’t know if I can let my heart get broken again. And when you’re in your 40’s it’s rare to find someone who’s a fit. It’s been like a solid year and a half of on again off again, pain and grieving this failed relationship. I can’t do it anymore. So that’s it. Feels great I know.

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