Are SJWs abrasive psuedo-intellectuals? What about SJW haters? Bonus "SRS is brigading" and "I have a deep aversion to fat people."

I am also sceptical of those warning me of the evil man hating SJWs because they usually want me to do something else too. For instance; "these SJWs want to kill all men and they think we shouldn't use the word faggot, lets counter them but not killing all men, and using the word faggot".

No, but this line of thinking that white people should feel guilty about slavery, it's the responsibility of men to prevent violence against women but men have no legitimate issues, you're a transphobic jerk if you don't want to fuck trans people, trigger warnings belong on any slightly controversial book or movie, etc. that is slowly infecting universities.

So first you were saying we should be against SJWs because they want to kill cis people. Now you are saying we should be against them because some of them believe advertising to men could reduce domestic violence. Why all of a sudden do we need to hate the idea of 'SJWs' because they supposedly believe men have no issues. Who says they believe any or all of those things? Even if 'they' do believe any/all of those things, why do you get to tack them on things like killing all cis people?

It would be like me talking about conservatives like this:

No, but this line of thinking that whites are superior to blacks, it's the responsibility of men to not catcall women, and that abortions should be illegal, is dangerous. The ideas of being fiscally responsible, or that we should shoot taxmen, are dangerous and wrong. This is the conservative plague that is infecting our old people.

What I did there isn't any different from what you are doing. There are people out there who believe 'whites are superior to blacks' and those people are conservatives. Most conservatives also believe in being fiscally conservative. Conservatives are also in general older.

You shovel bullshit that is only spouted by fringe idiots, put it next to real issues, and muddy it with a couple of mischaracterisations, and voila; you are now using the idea that we shouldn't kill people as a vehicle for your opinions.

All I'm saying is that these people exist and are very vocal.

All I'm saying is that there are people out there who think reptiles infiltrated governments. These people exist and are very vocal. Also, nobody listens to them and they are shunned.

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