Are Sociopaths aware of their lack of empathy and other human emotions due to environmental observation of other people?


I say this out of years of therapy where my doctor said he believes me to be "sociopathic in tendency." Which was his way of saying I don't process emotion correctly.

I can psychologically distance myself from any given situation, including family. I do it at such a subconscious level that I can only "feel" the situation by basically mimicking or embodying whatever emotions I see around me. I understand the emotions of others, I can copy them to fit into the normal social situations, but I don't naturally have them well up. I've watched surgery film without even a wince, and as much as I care for my wife I never have felt anything towards her that wasn't me mirroring her admiration for me.

Never had a brain scan or anything, don't know if it's a synaptic defect or what. My biggest issue with the idea is that the term is automatically given a bad connotation. Just because a person does not feel the emotions, does not mean they can't understand the morality of right and wrong. I have never broken a law, or used my lack of emotion to manipulate people. I just don't feel the way others do. So I can stay more objective.

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