Why are Sonic kiddies so booty tickled when it comes to emulation?

You were kind of all over the place so I was confused.

Mhmm no. My point was the same all across the board. I always stated that you can support the developers by buying their console releases and simply emulating them.

My complaint still stands about shills not being able to grasp how them buying every Sonic PC port is only harming PC users in the end. Reading comprehension goes a LONG way. LOL

>I mean that's your opinion man it's not a fact.

Except it is a very well known fact... Do you need proof? Or do you simply not own a PC yourself? Cause if you did you would already know it's a fact that emulation is superior to whatever SEGA has released so far in terms of Sonic. At least since Sonic Lost World and Sonic Generations.

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