why are you still alive?

Because someone was around to make sure I didn't bleed to death when I had compound fractures in arm when i was 6, four tip sticking out.

Because I had a dream days before of the car and person that would have kidnapped me and/or one of my siblings.

Because I was already on the operating table when my heart stopped and I died.

Because two United States Marine pilots on a fishing boat of the cost of North Carolina, saw me hanging on for dear life off the side of the boat, I was 12 my dad and little brother had gone below deck already, not sure why I was left on the deck, during some stormy seas.

Because I was high and as a result did not take the mugging attempt seriously, the guy interpreted it as bravery and left me alone.

Because at the very last second, mysteriously, the car and attached trailer slipped backward about 11 inches just enough to miss the semi truck that would have definitely killed me, I clenched up and knew it was going to hurt, said "I Love you" to a few people I loved out loud for what I thought was the last time.

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