Why are you still awake?

Right before bed, I opened my dresser drawer to discover that my wife’s wedding gift to me, a boudoir photo book, is missing. Granted, we did just move, so it’s possible it’s in another box somewhere. There are only 2 boxes that I know of that contain my dresser things, it is in neither. I’m pretty sure I saw it in my dresser just a few days ago, but I can’t be 100% confident it was in there, it’s been a very busy 2 weeks since moving in. It was mentioned to me that maintenance is supposed to come to our apartment Monday to fix some things, yet when we’ve come home a few times we’ve found closet doors open that we closed, and at least one of our complaints has already been fixed, so I’m pretty sure maintenance has been here already. That being said, I think somebody from maintenance stole the boudoir book. I can’t be sure until I’ve gone through literally every box tomorrow, but I went through a fair amount earlier tonight already, it wouldn’t make sense to be in any of the boxes left. So yeah, I’m awake worrying if some guy has compromising pictures of my wife, and what the hell I can do about it. I’ve already written an email to our landlord, but they won’t be in the office until Monday, so I’m stuck worrying until then.

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