Why are successful content creators moving away from Youtube? Interesting article about YT revenue policy including opinions of several popular car-related Youtubers

After reading this article I can totally see why companies like Motor Trend are moving away from Youtube. As a for-profit business, making money is the primary goal and Youtube is no longer a good way to do that.

That said, what surprises me is that a steady view count of one or two million per video apparently isn't enough to attract sufficient sponsors to pay the bills. More so even since these viewers are their target audience. They're seeing people whose opinions they value use a product. I'd say that's much more effective than TV commercials, right?

What's too bad is that this trend forces people to go all over the place to get their content. What I'd like to see is a Netflix-like service for content creators that offers fair compensation, so we can all go to one place for all our favorite shows.

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