Are we supposed to be cool with June beating a guy to death in episode one?

Lol, you ran out of steam again! It's funny how every time someone accuses you of something random, in this case reading comprehension, they're guilty if it themselves.

Makes me wonder about the political thing, cause you keep referring to your "offensive" conservative views, but I haven't once brought up anything overtly political. I certainly haven't bashed liberals. Lol, I'd be bashing myself.

You're not going to understand my point, so stop trying. For example, I made the distinction between the show's intended and unintended message many times. But all you can think to do is rattle off the names of sci fi movies.

You're wrong. On so many levels. You keep arguing with people, but you're not interested in learning. So you still don't get where I'm coming from, even though it's plain as day. And the meal getting rejected being "just as heartbreaking" as the guy getting beaten to death? C'mon, lady. You can go around calling other people crazy, but when that kind of thing comes out of your mouth...

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