Are we surprised?

Am yt and live in Georgia, too, and these numbers astound me. Not to mention are disappointing and embarrassing. I believe that who a person votes for is personal so I’ve been reluctant to ask my white friends, but I’ve also been afraid to ask because if they tell me they voted GOP, I don’t know how I’d feel and react. Just the fact that I’ve openly discussed who I was voting for with my Black friends and not my white friends is indicative that there’s an issue of division. It’s hard to be someone’s friend when you’re absolutely furious with them plus have completely loss respect. I live in a diverse area, diverse neighborhood, socially more liberal than not by a large degree, so I’d like to believe that a lot of the 27% that voted blue are from my area. The voting map indicates that’s the case. As for the rest of Georgia…it’s not that surprising. There are some very redneck, rural, racist areas, where people would vote for a pig if it were on the Republican ticket rather than vote Democrat.

Worse are the few white friends I have that I know didn’t vote at all, because they are too dumb to see or care about the impact. A lot of them seem to feel that who they vote for really doesn’t matter so why vote at all- these seem to align with friends that I know that tend to vote GOP- but even among those friends, after everything that’s occurred with women’s rights this year, I just can’t comprehend them voting GOP so maybe that’s why they wouldn’t have voted at all. But also, some of them seem so beat down and tired from having shitty husbands that they just don’t have it in them to GAF- I guess. If I didn’t have my Black friends, I’d feel very alone in this state, tbh. To some degree, after seeing the numbers, I still feel alone. My Black friends know me but others don’t, so to them I’m even more so just another white woman that voted against their needs- and my own- yet again. I still think Georgia can move forward to become a more progressive state, but it will take time, I’m willing to fight for it.

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