Are there any facial features that differentiate neurotypical people from the ones on the spectrum?

I’ve thought of this before as well! I read a while back in this study (this article provides a decent summary of the findings) that we’re actually likely to have a higher number of minor physical anomalies, or tiny differences in our bodies—like having extra hair whorls (or cowlicks, if you’re hair is long), or really flexible joints. Additionally, Spectrum News used facial asymmetry, that hair thing, and a prominent forehead, as face/head features that are seen together a lot in autism. They were referencing the study I linked.

Is any of this fully unique to us? No. But I find the research really interesting, and I wanted to share it with you!

TL;DR: No, there’s no way to look at someone and know automatically that they’re autistic. But our bodies may be telling a story too subtle to read, which is kinda cool.

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